Spending Freeze: How and Why Part IV

Spending Freeze Challenge Week IV


Hello there! We are two weeks away from our spending freeze, I can’t wait to see all that you achieve during this time. If you are new to the challenge, then go back and read Spending Freeze weeks one through three. This week I show you the number four how and why you should consider a spending freeze.

As you have learned from my prior posts, my husband and I were able to see what unnecessary spending we were doing and how to stop our frivolous spending habits. We have been able to save money for a vacation and our current goal for this spending freeze is to send our grandchildren to Kentucky for a week long vacation. They will be able to attend various events, such as, a water park and they will have spending money, all from us just freezing our spending for the month of November.

Now for my readers, if this is your first time doing something like this, I asked that you do at least two weeks. I would suggest the first two weeks in November, because I know you will want to catch those Black Friday sales.

Let’s get started with this weeks preparation. We are on week four and we have one more to go before the spending freeze begins.


4. Fill your tank up with gas (and get an extra can full if you absolutely must use more than a tank over two weeks), and pre-pay any bills that will be due.

I can stretch a tank of gas for two weeks, because I really don’t go anywhere except to work and back home. If you are active and drive a lot then you may want to set aside your gas money, before the freeze begins.

I have looked at my calendar for the month of November so I have already set aside a little extra for gas, just in case. Since I will be doing the entire month it will not be feasible for me to fill an extra can of gas.

As for your bills, in the month of November, I do understand that you have essentials like power, water and things like that, so it may be impossible to pre-pay them, but it is worth a try. What I do is just base my payment off of my October bill and that usually does the trick.


4. Learn to shop your pantry: Many times we say there is “nothing to eat” in the house, even when your freezer and pantry are full? I am guilty of this as well. There is plenty to eat, but just nothing I want to eat at that particular time. Being forced to live on what’s available for two weeks can get you in the habit of utilizing your pantry and getting creative with ingredients you have on hand. Learning to cook with what’s around – rather than letting food go to waste or just ordering pizza – is a fabulous way to cut back on grocery spending. It also helps to streamline your grocery bill. I always make a list during this time and see what I use the most of, such as, rice, spices and condiments and that way I know what I need to keep a good stock of.

Since I am a couponer, I already have a well stocked pantry, so I can go at least two to three months without having to buy anything other than meat and fresh veggies.

Okay, for this weeks assignment, I want you all to shop your pantries and make a list of everything you need. Once you have that list, go to the grocery store and stock up!

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