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How To Save On Easter Dinner

Easter is about a week and a half away. If you haven't thought about Easter dinner, here are a few tips to help you save.

Easter is a little over a week away. If you haven’t started planning your meal then here are some way’s I plan to save on this year’s Easter feast. Now, if you know me personally, then you know I like to pull pranks and have fun. I told my husband since Easter falls on April 1, April Fool’s Day, we could invite the family over, boil an onion to make the house smell like a meal is cooking. After about an hour I would say April Fool’s sorry, no dinner. I thought that was hilarious, but my husband won’t let me do it. He is a killjoy sometimes. Anyway here goes my saving tips.

  1. Potluck. This year we are doing a potluck. Since dinner is at my house, I will provide the meat’s and the rest of the family can show their best culinary skills and bring their best dish.
  2. Keep it simple. On Easters past, when we had to feed the entire family the entire dinner, we kept it super simple. One year, we did baked chicken, green beans, creamed potatoes, rolls, tea and store-bought dessert. This year it is still pretty simple. My house is doing roasts, with carrots and potatoes. The rest is up to the rest of the family. I can pop those roasts in the crock pot overnight and boom. No muss no fuss.
  3. Scrap the paper. Now I love disposable plates, but it is a thump of us so I would need lots of paper plates. For the adults, we will use real dishes. For the person who has the most children, they will bring paper plates for all the children to eat off of. I am so glad my children are adults because I used to be that person with the most children.
  4. Plan. Hey, if you haven’t even begun to plan, you better hurry. Find out what’s on sale and grab your coupons and head to the store. Having a plan in place saves you tons of money,

Ok, these are my tips, Happy Easter yall, April Fool lol. Just kidding, I really want yall to have a Happy Easter!


5 Clever Inexpensive Gifts For Valentines Day

Valentine's day is right around the corner, here are 3 clever inexpensive Valentine's day gifts that are sure to put a smile on your special someones face

Ahhhh love is in the air, Valentines Day is right around the corner. Now love doesn’t have to break the bank. I mean it is not about how much the gift costs, but the thought behind it right? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go broke trying to show my husband how much I love him and how much he means to me. For me, it has always been about the sentiment and the thought. Presents don’t have to be expensive and you shouldn’t feel like you need to spend all your savings on buying a gift for your other half. Last year, I was gifted with a photo watch, which was a really thoughtful gift to receive. One tip that I have for valentines day is to incorporate something memorable within the gift. Just like my watch, something as simple as a photo frame with a cute photo or even a photo album filled with some of of your favourite memories or even a pair of customised socks from companies like Gesicht Socken would be a good shout. I’m sure your other half will appreciate all the thought you have put into this special day. But I’m sure they will appreciate you even more than any gift you could buy them.

You could also have a look at chanel gift ideas for Valentine’s Day to get some inspiration, however, here are five clever inexpensive gifts you can give your honey for Valentines Day. I know the picture below says Christmas, but I love this pic of me and my funny valentine.

  1. The What I Love About You Journal- This is a cute little journal. Although I purchased it, I will not be giving it to my husband just yet. I was looking for something sweet and intimate to present to him on our 25th wedding anniversary in October of this year. This gift is economical and is perfect for a sweet token for Valentines Day. You can find it at for $10.00. It even includes simple prompts to make it easy for you. 5 clever inexpensive gifts for valentines day
  2. Personalized Collar Stays- Now this is the gift I am giving William for Valentines Day! He is a sharp dresser and I love to make sure that he has his signature style, with a pop of extra pizazz. These are sure to be a favorite for him. You have these bad boy’s inscribed with whatever you like. His say I love you. W&T 25 and Big Daddy (that’s what I call him). This set of 3 comes from hurry while they are on sale for $22.49 regularly $29.99. 5 clever inexpensive valentines day gifts
  3. Affordable Romantic Getaway- Groupon is my jam when it comes to quick getaways. Why not book a romantic getaway through Groupon? Whether the trip is right here in the states or abroad, Groupon has some great deals I’m sure your Valentine will love!
    image for Waterfront Inn in Pacific Northwest
  4. Romantic dinner for two- In my opinion, there is nothing like a homecooked meal. We rarely eat out as it is. This year, it is his turn to cook. I’m sure he will make something scrumptious, as William is an excellent cook. Besides, there’s no line or a long wait at home and reservations are always available.5 clever inexpensive gifts for valentines day
  5. Redbox movie- One of my favorite things to do is just spend quality time with my husband and watch a good movie. This Valentine’s day hit up your local Redbox, rent a romantic movie and enjoy each other.

I hope this guide gave you some ideas on how you can show your Valentine a little love without breaking the bank. For more savings ideas, be sure to visit 10 Ways To Save On Valentine’s day and Unexpected Ways To Save On Valentine’s Day. What do you plan to give your significant other for Valentine’s day this year? Drop it in the comments below. Besides dinner, I wonder what he got for me, I can’t wait to see. I know one thing, he better not have gone over our gift giving budget.

Disease Called Debt

10 Steps To Getting Out Of Debt

Being in debt can be stressful, I know, I have been there and done that. No matter what your circumstance is, if you signed for a loan, you are obligated to pay it back even if you have a life altering experience like losing a job, getting into an accident, or even if you have increased expenses due to having a child.

Sometimes debt can just be an unintended consequence of too much holiday spending — or overspending any time of year. Many people try to get out of debt, but life slaps them in the face so hard that they give up. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are so many people who are getting out of debt every single day, and not only that, but they are getting out of debt in a short period of time.

So if you’re ready to get on a path to financial freedom, it’s important to have a plan for how you’re going to tackle that debt! Follow these 10 steps to getting out of debt, and you will be free in no time.


If your bills give you anxiety and your debts are getting in the way of other dreams, it may be time for you to follow the path of these 10 steps to getting out of debt


Frugal Friday: Salon Quality Manicure For Less Than $10

Frugal Friday: Salon Quality Manicure For Less Than $10

Happy Friday! We made it through another work week! Now, I am not a beauty blogger, however, I am the beauty and fashion editor for the WOW! magazine. Over the years, I have learned a few tricks to keep me looking my best without breaking the bank. Besides, why pay for something that I can do myself. One of my favorite tricks is a do-it-yourself salon quality manicure. No, I am not talking about just polishing your nails. I am talking about looking like you went to the nail salon and got a full set!

On average, a full set costs at least $20-$25 without a design. Add in $3 per nail for designs and it can become pretty pricey. With this solution, you spend at the most $10. Are you ready for it? Okay, here you go: taaaa daaaa press-on nails. I can remember being a child and hearing the Lee press on nail commercials and when I started my frugal journey, I decided to always do my own nails.

Most of the time, I do a simple home manicure with polish and designs myself, but there are times when I want to glam it up a bit. When those times occur, I turn to my trusty press on nails. My favorite ones to use are by Nailene, Impress, Fingrs and Kiss. In today’s post, I will be using Fingrs (yes, that is how they spell it).

Step 1. Gather Your Supplies

Gather all of your supplies. Nothing makes me madder than sitting down to do my nails and I don’t have everything I need right there. I still perform a manicure and shape my nails before I put on the press

Step 2. Clean your nails

Make sure that your nails are free from all oils. I use pure acetone to do this and then I wash my hands. You want your nails to be as dry as possible. That just helps the glue stick and stay longer.These press-on nails come either with glue tabs or glue already on the nail, but for extra hold, I use Kiss paint on glue. Hey, I am a busy woman and I don’t have time to lose a nail. With the extra glue. I am able to wash dishes and do other housework that may otherwise soften the glue.

Step 3 & 4. Paint and press

Last but not least, paint and press! In about twenty minutes or less, I have salon quality nails without salon quality prices! These nail packs come with at least 24 nails and that is enough for two applications. I have found that if you take care of them you can usually wear them again once you take them off, therefore decreasing the price. One pack usually lasts me, at least, a month so that makes them anywhere from $2.50 to $5.00 a pack, depending on what brand you purchase.

ff nails

ff nailsFinally. Flaunt

Now you are ready to flaunt your do-it-yourself salon manicure!

blogfinished nails



You do the math, $5.00 -$8.00 a month do-it-yourself versus $40-$50 a month for the salon. That extra money can come in handy for paying off debt, saving for retirement or stashing away for your emergency fund.

There are so many lengths, shapes, and designs to choose from, you will never become bored with them.

This is not the only trick I have up my frugal beauty sleeve, stay tuned for more. In the meantime, comment below and tell me your favorite do-it-yourself beauty trick.



Frugal Friday: 10 Way’s To Save On Valentines Day

frugal friday 10 ways to save on valentines day
Valentines Day

Ahhhh the day for lovers. It is leap year sooooo, we as women are expected to give the men a gift. Well I have been married for 22 year’s so every year is leap year. Over the years, Big Daddy and I, have learned a few way’s to save on Valentines Day gifts, without sacrificing quality. In todays frugal Friday post, I will share 10 way’s that we save.

1. DIY gifts

Instead of buying a super expensive piece of jewelry or something equally as wallet-busting, give a unique and personal token of your love. It can be a poem or a paint-it-yourself ceramic bowl, maybe a photo collage or short video you compiled of the two of you. If the DIY route is something you haven’t yet considered, you may want to go down this path this valentines day. I thought this would be a good idea after I was once gifted some customised socks by my partner. You can get these from companies like Foto Socken. Gifts like these show that you have put a lot of thought into items than just going out and buying something last minute. Whatever you choose to design, your Valentine will love the ingenuity and thought you put forth into them.

2. Groupon

If you don’t know about Groupon you are missing an opportunity to save money on the activities and restaurants you already love and to be introduced to new haunts at a price you can’t refuse. If you’re like me you have an endless supply of Groupon and Living Social deals that you haven’t cashed in yet so now’s the time to take your deals to the bank. Even if they are expired you don’t use the value paid to that merchant so you can still credit that Groupon towards your Valentine’s Date and since it’s all handled digitally, your lover never has to know that their romantic date was done on a discount.

3. Skip the roses

Almost 200 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day alone. It is also no secret that the price of roses, like most things, are dictated by supply and demand. There are a finite number of roses, and there is a higher demand for those roses especially around Valentine’s Day. There are so many factors that go into the price of roses all the way from the grower to the wholesaler and then finally to your local florist shop. The price increases for Valentine’s Day continues through the supply chain whether we like it or not. One way that you can save money on Valentines Day is to not buy roses. You may be able to find a better deal on a different variety of flowers if you have to have some type of flowers for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

4. Set a spending limit

You all know that I am all for spending limits. Not having a spending limit is one of the biggest problems that get the most people in trouble with overspending on Valentine’s Day. You should have a frank and honest discussion with your loved one before hand on how much you are going to spend on Valentines Day gifts and food for the special day. Setting the limit and expectations before hand can help you manage the day and save your wallet too.

5. Celebrate on an alternate day

If you cannot afford to go out on February 14th, another great way to save money on Valentines Day is to choose an alternate day. It will not only be cheaper, but it will be less crowded even if you pick one or two days to the left or right on the calendar to celebrate. A day is a day is a day and doesn’t really matter the actual date as long as you spend it with your loved one.

6. Skip it

This will hit home with everyone who is heartbroken and bummed out during this time of year. But, there is nothing wrong with couples and married folks simply skipping this particular holiday in favor of saving money. When my husband and I didn’t have sufficient money we just skipped the holiday altogether. We already knew that we were each others valentine.

7. Skip the gifts

Skip the gifts and spend your money on making memories. She/he doesn’t need diamond on Valentine’s Day. Save that for more meaningful holidays like his/her birthday or Christmas. Focus your efforts on doing something you’ve never done before as a couple.

8. Gift Wisely

You are spending your hard-earned cash, so be sure that your honey is getting something they value. Instead of giving flowers and chocolates, try giving something they could use like a piece of technology or something they’ve wanted for a long time but have never invested in. If you get them a fancy new watch from somewhere like you want it to be something special to them. They’ll surely love that more than the calories from the sweets they normally receive. With this being said, if your other half is a big fan of food, perhaps taking them on a little road trip to some of the pizza places columbia sc (if you live near this area) would be a better treat than an expensive watch. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with food, regardless of what your partner likes. It’s the thought that counts if you think about it.

9. Consider free options

Spending no money at all will be a challenge, but a few free entertainment options can be found. Have a picnic at a local park. Send your loved one romantic text messages throughout the day. Create your own Valentine’s Day card if you’re artistically inclined; or if not, find a romantic poem online and transcribe it. A personal touch is always more appealing than a canned greeting card.

10. Give the gift of service

Nothing makes me happier than when my husband does some of my housework for me. Sometimes he makes coupons with chores, such as, do the laundry, or mop the kitchen etc. I can pick a coupon and he does whatever is on it. That saves me a lot when I am tired and is very helpful. The best part about it the coupons are good for the entire year, so I can use them over and over.

The more creative that you are with Valentine’s Day, the more money you will save. Sometimes the simple things in life create the best memories.