8 Money Saving Tips For Back To School

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As summer comes to a close our precious children or grandchildren will be going back to school. Just think of all the money you will save! No more summer camp fees, no more exorbitant utility bills and no more outrageous activity expenses— this list could go on. But then you start back-to-school shopping and suddenly find yourself spending just as much money if not more!
Well today I am here to give you a few tips that came in handy for me when my babies were getting ready to start a new school year. Read on and let me know in the comments, if this was helpful to you.
Shop At Home First-Everyone is in the mindset that they have to have all new everything. NEWSFLASH, you don’t. Items such as scissors, if in good shape, can be used again. Look through your drawers at home and see what items you can reuse.
Tax Free Weekend-Some states participate in the tax free weekend and if your state is one of them you better jump on that deal!
Recycle Clothing-When you are a parent of multiples like I was, this can save tons of money. First, go through all of last year’s clothes to see what fits. If it still fits in the waist but is a little too short for the height, you can easily cut them off and make shorts for girls or boys or make capri pants for the girls. Next check the clothes for spots and fading. If they are faded buy some RIT dye and refurbish them. Last year’s sweaters can be made into sweater vests by cutting the arms off and the sleeves can be used as matching leg warmers for the girls during those cold winter months.
Think Outside The Big Box Stores– Places such as Big Lots and Dollar stores are great places to purchase less expensive school supplies.
Host A Back-To-School Swap– Round up some of your friends, neighbors or relatives with children close to the same age and gender as yours and host an annual back to school swap. Here’s a bonus: you can even trade toys and books too and you will save a bundle.
Stick To What Is Needed– After you determine what is in your current inventory, make a specific list of what is needed and stick to that list. If you don’t stick to the list you may end up purchasing items that you really don’t need.
Find Coupons– Often times we receive circulars in the mail and consider them junk. Don’t throw that circular away, it may contain back to school coupons for supplies or clothes. Also be sure to check your Sunday paper for coupons. Who knows, with coupons you may be able to get some things for free.
Don’t Stop Shopping– I know that sounds crazy but it’s not, I promise. Continue school shopping throughout the year; we often miss some great bargains throughout the year because we don’t think of school shopping. Keep an eye out for sale items and bargains in the “off season” and when you find something buy it and put it up for next year.

BONUS TIP: Get social! Follow some of your favorite stores on Facebook and Twitter and watch for deals they post. Sometimes fans are offered deals that are not published for the public. Some stores will even offer you a deal if you check in on Foursquare or Facebook while you are there.

Happy Shopping


on 8 Money Saving Tips For Back To School

  1. Traycye
    August 5, 2015 at 12:09 am (4 years ago)

    That was a great read and good ideas. I will be doing that for my babies.

    • tracie45
      August 12, 2015 at 12:45 am (4 years ago)

      Thank you Traycye! Glad I could help!


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