Day: March 14, 2018

Save On Prom

Prom is exciting and expensive. Learn these tips to save on this expensive auspicious occasion.
Me getting my baby girl, Traycye, ready for her junior prom


Let me just start by saying I am so glad that my son’s and daughters are too old for prom! When they were in school, this mama had to find creative way’s to save on this auspicious occasion. My children are stairsteps and one set went to prom together, but the rest were one behind the other. Having more girls than boys, it was more expensive to send the girls to prom. Here are a few things I did to save.

1. The Dress

When my daughters were in the 11th grade, I shopped My SIsters Closet for their dresses. This was very economical because they were FREE! Look for places that have gently used prom dresses. Now for their Senior year, I did go out and buy their dresses. My niece will wear one of my daughters dresses to her junior prom.Who do you know that you may be able to borrow a dress from?

2. The Hair

Get your hair done at a local beauty school. The work is overseen by professional instructors and the price is considerably cheaper than at a salon.

3. The Makeup

My youngest son, Treon, on his way to his junior prom.

This one is a little tricky because you want your face to be slamming. You can either practice the look and apply it yourself, or you can look for makeup artists that offer a discount for prom. Luckily, I can do makeup so that was a freebie for me. I did my¬†daughter’s makeup for their proms and they were gorgeous.

4. The Shoes

Buy shoes that you can definitely wear again.Go with a clear comfortable shoe that you can get more than one nights use.

5. The Jewelry

Just like shoes, buy jewelry that you can wear again. Who do you know that has a beautiful matching necklace and earring set that you can borrow?

A few more things you can do are, rent your¬†dress if you only plan to wear it once. Check bridal shops in the offseason, they usually have beautiful dresses at low cost. For the fellas, check and see if an older gentleman in the family has a tuxedo he doesn’t wear anymore. Take that tuxedo and have it altered to fit. That is what I did for my oldest son.

I hope these tips help you save for the prom. What other tips can you give to help save on prom?