Day: February 5, 2016

Frugal Friday: 10 Way’s To Save On Valentines Day

frugal friday 10 ways to save on valentines day
Valentines Day


Ahhhh the day for lovers. It is leap year sooooo, we as women are expected to give the men a gift. Well I have been married for 22 year’s so every year is leap year. Over the years, Big Daddy and I, have learned a few way’s to save on Valentines Day gifts, without sacrificing quality. In todays frugal Friday post, I will share 10 way’s that we save.

1. DIY gifts

Instead of buying a super expensive piece of jewelry or something equally as wallet-busting, give a unique and personal token of your love. It can be a poem or a paint-it-yourself ceramic bowl, maybe a photo collage or short video you compiled of the two of you. Whatever you choose to design, your Valentine will love the ingenuity and thought you put forth into them.

2. Groupon

If you don’t know about Groupon you are missing an opportunity to save money on the activities and restaurants you already love and to be introduced to new haunts at a price you can’t refuse. If you’re like me you have an endless supply of Groupon and Living Social deals that you haven’t cashed in yet so now’s the time to take your deals to the bank. Even if they are expired you don’t use the value paid to that merchant so you can still credit that Groupon towards your Valentine’s Date and since it’s all handled digitally, your lover never has to know that their romantic date was done on a discount.

3. Skip the roses

Almost 200 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day alone. It is also no secret that the price of roses, like most things, are dictated by supply and demand. There are a finite number of roses, and there is a higher demand for those roses especially around Valentine’s Day. There are so many factors that go into the price of roses all the way from the grower to the wholesaler and then finally to your local florist shop. The price increases for Valentine’s Day continues through the supply chain whether we like it or not. One way that you can save money on Valentines Day is to not buy roses. You may be able to find a better deal on a different variety of flowers if you have to have some type of flowers for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

4. Set a spending limit

You all know that I am all for spending limits. Not having a spending limit is one of the biggest problems that get the most people in trouble with overspending on Valentine’s Day. You should have a frank and honest discussion with your loved one before hand on how much you are going to spend on Valentines Day gifts and food for the special day. Setting the limit and expectations before hand can help you manage the day and save your wallet too.

5. Celebrate on an alternate day

If you cannot afford to go out on February 14th, another great way to save money on Valentines Day is to choose an alternate day. It will not only be cheaper, but it will be less crowded even if you pick one or two days to the left or right on the calendar to celebrate. A day is a day is a day and doesn’t really matter the actual date as long as you spend it with your loved one.

6. Skip it

This will hit home with everyone who is heartbroken and bummed out during this time of year. But, there is nothing wrong with couples and married folks simply skipping this particular holiday in favor of saving money. When my husband and I didn’t have sufficient money we just skipped the holiday altogether. We already knew that we were each others valentine.

7. Skip the gifts

Skip the gifts and spend your money on making memories. She/he doesn’t need diamond on Valentine’s Day. Save that for more meaningful holidays like his/her birthday or Christmas. Focus your efforts on doing something you’ve never done before as a couple.

8. Gift Wisely

You are spending your hard-earned cash, so be sure that your honey is getting something they value. Instead of giving flowers and chocolates, try giving something they could use like a piece of technology or something they’ve wanted for a long time but have never invested in. If you get them a fancy new watch from somewhere like you want it to be something special to them. They’ll surely love that more than the calories from the sweets they normally receive.

9. Consider free options

Spending no money at all will be a challenge, but a few free entertainment options can be found. Have a picnic at a local park. Send your loved one romantic text messages throughout the day. Create your own Valentine’s Day card if you’re artistically inclined; or if not, find a romantic poem online and transcribe it. A personal touch is always more appealing than a canned greeting card.

10. Give the gift of service

Nothing makes me happier than when my husband does some of my housework for me. Sometimes he makes coupons with chores, such as, do the laundry, or mop the kitchen etc. I can pick a coupon and he does whatever is on it. That saves me a lot when I am tired and is very helpful. The best part about it the coupons are good for the entire year, so I can use them over and over.

The more creative that you are with Valentine’s Day, the more money you will save. Sometimes the simple things in life create the best memories.