Day: December 17, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: How I Eat HEALTHY For Free

thrifty thursday how i eat healthy for free
Eat Free!


One nifty trick I use to keep my refrigerator full for minimal costs are community gardens. I frequent Huntsville, Alabama A LOT, as I have a son that lives there. I always stop by the Huntsville Community Garden and load up on seasonal vegetables. Huntsville has several and there are a few in Madison as well. This past weekend, I was able to get enough turnip greens and kale to take me through the winter. When I come back next time, the collard fields will be open and I will stock up on those as well. You can pick as much as you want and it is absolutely FREE! People think it is expensive to eat healthy, not so.

I know you are wondering what I do with all of those greens. Some I cook, some I put in my smoothies, and some I share with other family members. I make it a point to fill up my trunk with plenty. I know we eat more than turnips, kale and collards, but it does help on my grocery bill that I really never have to buy collards, turnips and kale.

I know we have community gardens here in Birmingham, but I am not familiar with them. It may be worth a look to see what the stipulations are for the one’s here. ┬áTake a look at my pics from my trips this past weekend. I can’t wait till the spring, I will be stocking up on okra! Have a great week!


thrifty thursday how i eat healthy for free
thrifty thursday how i eat healthy for free
Picking Turnip’s
thrifty thurdsay how i eat healthy for free
Huntsville Community Garden