Day: November 29, 2015

Free Fun On A Rainy Day

free fun on a rainy day
Tangle and Tumble

This has been an amazing Thanksgiving weekend for me and my family. I enjoyed my grandchildren so much. They were a little bit bored,because they couldn’t go out to play. Now you know glamma, always has a trick up her sleeve. I pulled out Tangle & Tumble and the fun began! Soon they forgot all about outside! This game was less than $5.00 and purchased at the Five Below in Louisville, Kentucky. Thank you auntie Rayshaun, for this exciting game!

Free fun on a rainy day
Having fun!
free fun on a rainy day

We even had a second Thanksgiving dinner with all the leftovers from Thursday! Saving money and having fun, that’s my kind of rainy day!

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have fun!