Day: November 23, 2015

What Age Should You Start Teaching Kid’s About Money?

what age should you start teaching kids about money
Kid’s and Money
Ages 4-5

Welcome back! As we continue with our series on kid’s and money, our sweet preschooler’s are ready, willing and able to be a part of our financial world.

Before heading to the supermarket, ask your preschooler to help you clip coupons. (Don’t forget to use safety scissors.) When you’re at the store, hand him/her the coupons and ask him/her to keep an eye out for the products. This will make him/her feel like he’s/she’s helping, and it’s an easy and fun way to talk about saving money.

Most preschoolers would rather play imaginary restaurant at home than go out for dinner. It playfully promotes a variety of skills, such as setting the table, learning good manners, and making change. Many 4-year-olds have to be reminded after the pretend meal that they have to pay the bill. Once they understand the concept, they get very excited about paying with pretend money or making change as the cashier.