Day: November 19, 2015

Out With The Old In With The Almost New: Skirt Refashion 101


out with the old in with the almost new skirt refshaion 101
Carwash Pleat Skirt-Refashion

As many of you know, I am the fashion editor of The WOW! magazine. In honor of my first article, I wanted to dress in an outfit that style coach Megan LaRussa Chenoweth and I talked about in my interview with her. For more of what we talked about be sure to read WOW! magazine. I wanted to try the trend called car wash pleats. I personally don’t buy every trend out there, but if there is a trend that I want to try, I take the cheap route. In this case, I was a bit apprehensive about these car wash pleats, but Megan made me feel comfortable enough to try them out.

Instead of buying a car wash pleat skirt, I decided to call my niece Jennifer Threadford, who is a seamstress, and have her refashion a skirt that I almost decided to give to the Goodwill. I think she did a wonderful job in taking my old drab denim skirt and breathing new life into it. Check out the tutorial below and tell me what you think.

In this first pic, Jennifer is measuring the length that I told her I wanted the skirt to be. This skirt came to my ankles and made me look like an old grandma. I am a GLAMMA, not a grandma. So I had her cut it to just above my knee.

out with the old in with the almost new skirt refashion 101
Measuring the length

Next, she had to cut the skirt on the seams, to make the actual carwash pleat. As you can see the bottom of the skirt looks like the flaps in a carwash, thus carwash pleats.

out with the old in with the almost new skirt refashion 101
Cutting the pleats

Final product! I was excited to wear this skirt to debut my first article. Thank you Megan, for your input on this trend. After her interview, I felt confident I could pull off this trend. Thank you to my beautiful niece, Jennifer Threadford, for making auntie fabulous. Keep reading the blog, Jennifer and I have a few more collaborations that we will be sharing with you in the future! Please don’t forget to share this post on your social media platforms.

Have a great day,

Your, Money Make-Up Artist,

Tracie B. Threadford

out with the old in with the almost new, skirt refashion 101
The Carwash pleat!