Day: November 16, 2015

Thrifty Fashion: $5.00 O.O.T.D.

thrifty fashion $5.00 o.o.t.d.
Thrifty Frugal Fabulous Fashionista

Happy Monday! I hope you all are enjoying the behind the scenes look at my fabulously frugal lifestyle. I am NOT a fashion blogger, but I am an AVID thrifter. I was feeling myself today in my thrifty $5.00 outfit, so I decided to blog about it. That’s right, my outfit was $5.00, excluding the accessories.

I have always instilled in my children that you don’t have to break the bank to look good and be stylish; you only have to be neat and clean. Now that they are all adults, I see that they still follow my instruction. Proud mommy!

This dress was originally from The Gap and cost me $2.25 and the shoes are Sam Edleman and were $2.75. I was looking good today, if i must say so myself. Thrifty Escapades will be a regular feature on the blog. It won’t always be clothes, so you will have to come back weekly to see what I find.

thrifty fashion $5.00 o.o.t.d.
Foxy Tracie!
thrifty fashion o.o.t.d. $5.00