Day: November 14, 2015

How I Scored 83 Books This Week For Free!

how i scored 83 books for free this week
Books, Books, Books and More Books

Hey there and welcome back! I know I promised a peek into my bedroom, but my husband does not want our bedroom all over the inter-webs, so I decided to tell you all just how I scored 83 book’s this week for FREE!

I know you all probably think I don’t pay for anything, but I do. However, if I can garner things that I am looking for, for free, then I do. My daughter-in-law requested books for my grandchildren for Christmas. In the past, I had received books for my older grandchildren from my former supervisor, Gail, so I went back to her and asked if she had any books that would be age appropriate for my younger grandchildren. Lo and behold, she did! I scored 31 book’s for FREE! London and PJ will be very happy Christmas morning, and so will my wallet! Thank’s so much Gail!

how i scored 83 books for free this week
Merry Christmas London and PJ
how i scored 83 books for free this week
London and PJ Will Love These

My dear friend, Mandy Shunnarah, of Off The Beaten Shelf, is moving to another state. She posted a book give-away on her blog. I was encouraged by See Jane Write founder, and my personal blogging coach, Javacia Harris Bowser, to read books outside my niche. With Mandy’s offering and Javacia’s encouragement, I scored 52 book’s for FREE! Thank you Mandy, I will miss you!

how i scored 83 books for free this week
Thank You Mandy

There you have it, 83 book’s for $0.00, I think that’s a great deal!

Update on my spending freeze. I have spent a total of $65.84 for the month. I purchased a sponsorship for a networking event and I had some coffee and almond tea at my last meeting with Javacia. I am on target with my saving’s and to date, I have saved $800.