Day: November 13, 2015

How I Furnished My Entire House For Less Than $500 Part IV

how i furnished my entire house for less than $500
Sweet Dreams


Welcome back and T.G.I.F! I know furnishing a home can be a monumental task. There are so many personalities in the home, and everyone wants their own bit of comfort and their own flavor in their own space. To me, my home exudes comfort, love, safety and frugality. I am surrounded by people I love and furnishing’s that didn’t break the bank! This week I have been showing you exactly how I furnished my entire house for less than $500. Today we will take a look at my grandson’s room. I am just glad that it was clean enough for pictures. My granddaughter’s room was not; so hers won’t be featured, too bad so sad, maybe next time T’Aliyah! If you missed the rest of my series on how I furnished my home for less than $500, then go back and check it out.

My grandson’s room is simple, a  queen sized bed, a dresser with a bookshelf hutch and a chest of drawers, all for $75. With this deal I bought my granddaughters bedroom suite as well. She has a queen sized bed, dresser, chest of drawers, chifforobe and nightstand. That’s correct, both bedrooms for a total of $75.

how i furnished my entire house for less than $500

One of my co-workers was upgrading her son and daughters room’s and by now, you should know me, I asked, “What are you doing with the old furniture?” Her answer was, “If you can get it today, you can have it all for $75.” She didn’t know that my husband has a truck and will travel. When I told her that I was going to feature the furniture on the blog she said I got a steal. Yes, I did!

how i furnished my entire house for less than $500
Dresser & Chest of Drawers
how i furnished my entire house for less than $500

My grand total so far for the home is $160. You see, I am well under my $500 and my house is not too shabby! Join me tomorrow for a peek into my room.