Day: November 10, 2015

How I Furnished My Entire House For Less Than $500 Part II The Kitchen

How I furnished my entire house for less than $500 part II the kitchen


Welcome back! We are continuing with How I furnished my ENTIRE house under $500, and today we will be in my kitchen. Just a little background on me. I like nice things, but I don’t like to break the bank to get them. I don’t have to have anything fancy, but I do want nice simple things to surround myself with and make a cozy nest for my family.

I love when my friend’s upgrade, because I always come away with some pretty nice things. My kitchen is the hub of my home. Everyone in my family loves to eat and they love my cooking. I told a friend of mine that I wanted to create a family atmosphere and eat all of my meals in the kitchen. The problem was I didn’t have a kitchen table at the time. My old one was destroyed in a fire and I hadn’t gotten around to replacing it.

Fast forward, she remembered what I had expressed to her when she got ready to upgrade her kitchen. She called me and asked me did I want her kitchen table and her dishwasher. I immediately said yes. I had been to her home many times and I knew the items were of excellent quality and well cared for. They are in there original forms with no refurbishing.

how i furnished my entire house for under $500 part II the kitchen
Kitchen Table

She told me stories of how her children, who are now adults, had done school projects and homework on this kitchen table, and how many good times and great conversations her family had at this table. I assured her that my family would keep the same traditions. I asked her how much she wanted for the table as I was prepared to pay. The price was $10.00! I was expecting to pay more but she wouldn’t budge from that price.

We then began talking about other furnishings in her kitchen that were getting an upgrade and the dishwasher was one of them. I know a dishwasher is an appliance and not furniture, but I just couldn’t write about one and not the other. Maybe next week I will show you all how I got all of my appliances for under $1500. Moving on, she only wanted $15 for the dishwasher. My only wish is that my husband would go ahead and install it in our new home.

how i furnished my entire home for less than $500 part II the kitchen

My friend transitioned from this life to the next just a few months ago, so having these item’s is really sentimental to me. I miss her so much but I will always have the wonderful memories and these item’s.

So, there you have it, my kitchen for $25, but the memories are priceless.  Free living room and $25 kitchen, not too shabby. Come back tomorrow when we take a look at my office. Have any of you all scored any great deals on home furnishings? If so comment below and tell me about them.