Day: November 9, 2015

How I Furnished My Entire House For Under $500: Part 1

How I furnished my entire house for under $500


Welcome back to week two of my spending freeze and of #bloglikecrazy. I want to take you on a tour of my home and show you how I furnished my entire home for under $500. Some of my friends think I am over the top when it comes to my finances, but I am not. I am often mislabeled as cheap, but I am actually frugal. Let me give you a few examples of frugal versus cheap:

Frugal people care about the value of something while cheap people care about the cost of something. A cheap person would see the price tag of a high-end product and scoff, while a frugal person would see something like a luxury rug from somewhere like Bazaar Velvet and recognize it’s value for money. Cheap people try to get the lowest price on everything while frugal people try and get the lowest price on most things, but spend a lot on items they really care about. Cheap people think short term while frugal people think long term. There are more comparisons but I will save them for another day, plus this is just my personal opinion.

This week, I want to show you how I furnished my entire home for less than $500. Let’s start with my living room.

My sofa, chair with ottoman, love seat, entertainment center, coffee table, end tables and rug were all FREE! That’s right, absolutely FREE. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. My friend was just going to set the sofa, love seat, tables and chair out for anyone to come by and pick up, simply because she did not want them any more. She said that they were 15 years old and she wanted something new. My antennas went up and I jumped on that and asked could I just drop by and pick them up. The reason being, I have grandkids and I don’t want to have to keep telling them to get off of this stay off of that, so I opt for something old. Once they are older then I will get something new.

How I furnished my entire house for less than $500
Couch, Coffee Table, Ottoman and Rug

The entertainment center was my sons. He was deploying to Afghanistan and had to let his apartment go. My daughter got the furniture and I got the entertainment center that I use for showcasing pictures, awards, diplomas and my degree. It is lighted and looks so pretty when lit.

How I furnished my entire house under $500
Entertainment center and Chair

The rug was given to my sister by her grandmother-in-law and she really had no use for it. It was just sitting in her living room all rolled up waiting for someone to give it life and love. That someone was me!

How I furnished my entire house under $500

So you see, I have a full living room suit with matching end tables and a rug all for the freesky! How cool is that? Join me tomorrow and I will show you how I scored my kitchen for $25.