Day: November 8, 2015


Rule #1 for a happy lifw
Dr. Hakim: Rule #1

I read a post from my blogging coach Javacia Harris Bowser and she  stated that writers should consider using the social media platform, Instagram. She told her reader’s that any type of blogger could benefit from Instagram, not just fashion bloggers. She gave some examples of writers that use it and when I went to their profile’s I was amazed.

I decided that I would give Instagram a try. If you are not following The Money Make-Up Artist, you should be. I have made several post’s in the past, but I really didn’t feel Instagram and I still don’t, but I do feel it is worth a try.

My post today dealt with a doctor at Greystone Neurology named Dr. Hisham Hakim. He has 15 1/2 rules for a happy life. For the next 15 day’s. I will post one rule. I have a copy of the rules in my home office and in my cubicle at work. I look at these rules daily, and they always give me the boost that I need to go on in spite of how I feel. I’ll share rule 1 with you now, but for the other 14 you will have to follow me on Instagram.

Dr Hakims Rules For A Happy Life

  1. God. Understand that God has total control and you will find peace. Do your best and leave the rest to God. Know that everything is going and will go just as it should.

Have a great week and see you on Instagram