Day: November 7, 2015

Spending Freeze: Week One In The Bag #BlogLikeCrazy

Spending freeze week one in the bag
Week One In The Bag!


Welcome back! In case you are wondering, I have only spent $1.63 during this spending freeze. Week one is in the bag! That $1.63 was totally frivolous, I mean I didn’t have to have a bag of chips with my sandwich. I would have been just as full without one, so I should have done without. It was my own fault that I walked out and left my bag of chips, and I should have just left well enough alone.

This reminds me of the time in my life when all I did was spend, spend, spend. Aside from normal bills, most every purchase I made was frivolous. When I look back over my financial journey, I can certainly see the error of my way’s.

During this time of year, we often look back and give thanks for not only where we have come from but where we are on our life’s journey right now. Today, my husband and I took a trip back down memory lane. We are able to laugh at the mistakes we made in the past concerning our finances, but it was a time that our financial situation was not funny, it was dire. We were struggling and it wasn’t fun or funny.

Is our life perfect now? No, but we are more conscious and intentional with our finances, which brings us both to a place in our journey that we never thought we would see; financial freedom.

I am not upset about the chips, because I will not allow $1.63 to stop me from achieving my goal of saving $1500 this month to send my glamchildren on 3 vacations next year.

Week one is done and only $1.63 spent! I am pleased.

Join me next week when I show you how I furnished my home for less than $500, you won’t want to miss this!