Day: November 2, 2015

Spending Freeze Day 2: #BlogLikeCrazy

Spending Freeze


Welcome back to the behind the scenes look at my 30 day spending freeze. For a recap of day 1 be sure to go back and see what I did to curb my spending. Many of you know, I am a Glamma. A Glamma is someone who is way too young and fly to be a grandma, and that I am, way too young and too fly to be a grandma. If you are part of my Facebook Group, Pretty Money Crew, then you saw my video of where I shared that my Glamkids caused me to spend frivolously. I usually keep them after they get out of school and it is not out of the ordinary to stop at the store and buy them a treat, or feed them a drive thru dinner. Glamma is tired when she gets off from work, and besides they are so sweet I can’t resist when they ask for Burger King.

Today, my glamson, Tevin, started his usual, “Please nanny can we stop at Burger Ching?” Yes ching, it’s not a typo. I really hated to be the bad Glamma and say no, but I had to do it. Of course, my no was met with tears, screams and kicking. My heart was hurt, but I will survive.

I finally talked him off of his ledge when I told him we had one of his favorites, corn on the cob, for dinner. He is happy and so is my wallet!

Take a look at him eating his corn, he is a happy camper and so is his sister A’Lona. Jerk chicken, corn on the cob and collard greens is what’s for dinner

Day Two NO MONEY SPENT! 28 more days to go

Your Money Make-Up Artist,


Spending Freeze
Spending freeze
Glamma (me) Tevin & A’Lona