Day: October 15, 2015

Spending Freeze: How And Why Part III

Spending freeze challenge


I’m so excited, in just three short weeks, we start our two week spending freeze, (well in my case month long spending freeze). Are your goals clear for this challenge? Have you been doing your homework? Is your goal poster hanging where you can see it everyday? Have you gone through your freezer and your pantry to get those meals planned? If you have, then kudos to you.

If you are just joining us, then you can go here and view the first two posts and get caught up. On to week three.


3. Check your inventories of other essentials – toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. – and stock up as needed.

Since I buy in bulk and with coupons, this is something I don’t have to do. I have enough toothpaste to last two years, enough soap to last a year or more, and enough toilet paper to stock a small army and other essential sundries needed for my home. Since I use a special line for make-up and hair, I usually take this time to make sure that I have more than enough to make it through the month.


3. Build your anti-impulse purchase muscles. Willpower builds up the more you use it. Since you’ll spend two weeks building willpower, you’ll be better able to resist impulse purchases after your spending freeze. This alone can seriously clean up your spending!

I am more mindful of my spending now, even when I am not on a freeze. It just helps me not to make purchases that are not beneficial to me or my family. I now no longer eat out for lunch everyday. I don’t always say yes to my grandchildren when we are in the store and they want something. I am teaching them how to be mindful of their spending. Impulse purchases are a thing of the past for me, and trust me, I was an impulse shopper. If I wanted it, then I bought it. I had so much stuff at one time it should have been a crime.

Now I have learned how to live without that “thing” I must have. All it was going to do was sit and collect dust anyway. Doing a freeze has been the most enlightening thing for my husband and I; it has taught us so much about what is important and what’s not.

Okay, you know it’s homework time. This week, I want you to go ahead and stock up on those essentials. As always, I want to hear from you, what excites you the most about the spending freeze? Let me know in the comments below.

Your Money Make-Up Artist,